Redlink 3

Redpost Redlink 3 Graph Closeup
Redpost Redlink 3
  • Store PU files on a Windows PC
  • Analyse PU data
  • Interactive graphs of PU files
  • Print reports and summaries
  • Export data to a Spreadsheet
  • Filter and Sort recording runs

PU Analysis and Printing Software

Redlink 3 is designed to simplify the process of PU data collection and storage. PU monitor recordings are transferred to your PC and the results can be viewed on screen in tabular or graphical form.

Reports of either the full results or a summary may be printed or exported as PDF or XLS. PU files stored on the computer are available for immediate retrieval or for archiving.

Files may also be stored in CSV or ExcelTM format for viewing with spreadsheet programs such as MicrosoftTM ExcelTM.

Redlink 3 is used in conjunction with the Redpost RPC-50 (for RPU-120+, RPU-352 & 353 monitors) or Redpost RPC-80 (all monitors). The software is designed to operate on PCs running MicrosoftTM WindowsTM XP, Vista, Windows 7 & above.

Redlink 3 Main Window
Redlink 3 Main Window
Redlink 3 Main Window
Printed report generated by Redlink 3

Current Version: Redlink

If you have already purchased Redlink 3 then incremental upgrades are free and Redlink 3 will prompt you to update when a new version is available.

If you have previously purchased the Redlink 2 software then upgrading to Redlink 3 is free to download or receive by email. If you have a firewall that blocks executables(and zips containing executables) then you will require a CD, in this case we must make a nominal charge.

Please note that Redlink software requires an RPC-50 or RPC-80 to interface with Redpost's PU Monitors. Also note that older versions of the RPC-80 may need a software upgrade in order to work with Redlink.