Redpost RPC-80 Display
Redpost RPC-80
  • Charge PU Monitors
  • Print reports on a USB printer
  • Transfer files to a PC
  • Backwards compatible
  • Works with or without a PC.
  • Assists with calibration checks
See also: RPC-50 Redlink

Printer, Charger And PC Link

The RPC-80 playback unit connects the PU monitor to either a printer or a PC to provide hard-copy records of pasteurisation results.

The RPC-80 can print directly to a USB Inkjet or Laser printer*

The RPC-80 contains a realtime clock and backup battery, allowing all files transferred from a PU monitor to be accurately timestamped. Adhoc calibration checks can be enforced by the RPC-80 at regular intervals. This can help your compliance with standards such as ISO 9000.

The RPC-80 can charge and communicate with the current range of Redpost PU monitors, it is also backwards compatible with all Redpost PU monitors that have been produced over the last 30 years.

The RPC-80 also provides a communication link between Redpost PU monitors and a PC running Redlink software to enable convenient storage and printing of PU recording runs.

* Not all printers are compatible with the RPC-80 please check our support pages before purchasing.