Redpost PU monitors are offered with a range of temperature probes for bottles, cans and spray water; mounting frames, and test plugs for on-site checking of calibration. Instruments and probes are calibrated at time of manufacture against standards traceable to U.K National Standards.



Redpost Temperature Probe
Redpost PU monitors are offered with a range of temperature probes for both bottles and cans, as well as spray water temperature probes.
A range of lengths is available to ensure you are measuring at your chosen PU pick-up point.

Redpost standard bottle probe lengths:
     110mm, 130mm, 150mm, 170mm, 190mm, 210mm, 230mm, 250mm, 270mm, 290mm, 310mm, 350mm, 390mm

Redpost standard can probe lengths:
     110mm, 130mm, 150mm, 170mm, 190mm

Probes are produced to a tolerance of ± 2mm. Custom lengths are available up to 450mm in length, with a ± 1mm tolerance

To find the correct length of probe for your packages you can now use our Probe Calculator to help you.

Redpost Spray Probe
Probes are also available to monitor the spray water temperature during the pasteuriser run. For more detailed information see our science pages. These simply plug into the second temperature channel on a two channel monitor such as the RPU-352 or RPU-353.


Redpost K Plug
Redpost PU monitors are supplied with a range of plugs that perform different functions.

60 Plug

(or Test Plug)
This plug acts as a virtual temperature probe at 60°C. This allows onsite checking of the instrument's calibration and can act as a diagnostic aid.

T Plug

(or Dummy Plug)
When plugged into a 2 channel monitor, this plug simply disables the channel of the socket it is plugged into. The plug acts as a seal to prevent damage to the socket during the pasteuriser run. The two channel monitors will not allow a recording run to start unless a temperature probe or a T plug are in each socket.
The T Plug cannot be used with the RPU-120+, as it is only a single channel recorder.

K Plug

(or key plug)
The K plug is used as a key to allow access to a monitor's settings such as language, units, PU parameters etc. Key plugs are universal and are not tied to any particular monitor.

Frames and Fittings

Redpost Hinged Frame

Hinged Frame

The hinged frame is the standard frame supplied with Redpost RPU-352 and RPU-353 PU monitors. The upper part is fitted with a collapsible hinged handle, this allows good access to the sockets of the PU Monitor.

Width= 18cm
Length = 38cm
Height (minimum) = 18cm
Height (maximum) = 24cm
(excluding sample package, probe, spray probe; including PU Monitor)
Redpost 120+ Frame

120+ Frame

The RPU-120+ has its own specialised frame to accommodate its particular shape. The frame allows easy handling and free access to the socket of the monitor.
Width= 18cm
Length = 33cm
Height = 15cm
(excluding sample package, probe, spray probe; including PU Monitor)

Quick Change

The quick change facility is available for all of Redpost's frames. Whereas normally a bottle holder or can fitting is screwed in place, the quick change facility offers a fast way to swap holders or fittings with a simple lever release.
Redpost Bottle Holder

Bottle Holder

The bottle holder secures the bottle into the frame as it passes through the pasteuriser. The inside is lined with a gap filling material to keep the bottle upright. Several sizes are available depending on your bottle diameter. To find the correct bottle holder size for your bottles you can now use our Probe Calculator to help you.

Bottle Holder #1: 44mm to 55mm
Bottle Holder #2: 55mm to 68mm
Bottle Holder #3: 68mm to 80mm
Bottle Holder #4: 80mm to 90mm
Bottle Holder #5: 90mm to 100mm
Redpost Can Fitting

Can Fitting

The can fitting clamps the can onto the frame as it passes through the pasteuriser. Threaded rods allow the clamp bar to be tightened onto the can with standard wing nuts, or with special quicknuts. Quicknuts allow the nut to move freely through most of its length of travel, only tightening when in contact with the clamp bar, this increasing the speed of installation and removal.

Spares and other Accessories

Redpost replacement batteries
Redpost has a wide range of cables, fittings and spares available. To view a more complete list of accessories and spares please look though the documents below. If you are looking for something not listed then please contact us to discuss your requirements.