Redpost RPC-50 Back
Redpost RPC-50
  • Charge PU Monitors
  • Transfer files to a PC
  • Ideal as a stand-alone system
  • Ideal as a second charger
  • Simple to use. Zero configuration.
  • Small bench-top footprint
See also: RPC-80 Redlink

Battery Charger And PC Link

The RPC-50 is a simple low-cost battery charger suitable for use with Redpost RPU-120+, RPU-352 and RPU-353 PU recorders.

The RPC-50 also provides a communication link between these monitors and a PC running Redlink software to enable convenient storage and printing of PU recording runs.

Please note that the RPC-50 is only compatible with the current generation of Redpost PU Monitors. If backwards compatibility is required please see the RPC-80.