We have our pasteuriser set to deliver X number of PU, why does the Redpost record a higher/lower value?

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A number of factors can affect the correlation between your pasteuriser's simulated package and the PU monitor's measurement of a sample package. Pasteuriser manufacturers use Redpost's equipment to calibrate their simulations so a reasonable correlation can be expected, but there will always be a difference between them due to the nature of the PU calculations (See also Q113).

The most common reason for discrepancies is that the pasteuriser and PU Monitor are using different PU calculation parameters. Physical factors may come into play such as blocked spray heads along the belt which your pasteuriser may not be aware of. Line hold-ups may also be poorly simulated as your particular package type/shape will affect cooling rates.

The PU pick-up point is also critical, different pasteuriser manufacturers set the PU pick-up point at different locations, if you are using probes that measure the temperature at a different location then you will receive different results.

If you believe the difference in the PU readings is significant then you should check that the result is consistently off. Look at the readings from an attached spray probe to check that they match your pasteuriser zone settings. Check your PU meter's calibration is up to date, or test with a 60 plug. If you cannot bring the figures closer this way then you should contact us or your pasteuriser manufacturer for further assistance.

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