The PU value displayed on the LCD of the PU monitor is not the same as that shown by the RPC-80 or Redlink. Why?

Q111 - Science

Remember that the final output device dictates all settings for PU calculation, date and time.

The printer/charger or Redlink recalculates the results from the raw data based on the settings you choose during configuration. The clock in the final output device is also used as a reference for the file timing. These features make it easy to maintain a plant-wide standard for PU calculations and the date & time and to change those standards without making modifications to all the monitors. When using a monitor with a printer/charger you must be aware that different standards for PU calculation (including PU cutoff temperature) may apply to the displayed and printed results.

The same applies when connecting the PU monitor to a PC. The settings in Redlink running on the PC will take priority over the settings in the monitor when results are calculated for display or printing. File start time will be calculated using the clock in the PC as a reference.

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