The display tells me that a new battery has been installed. I haven't fitted a new battery, what's going on?

Q106 - Service & Repair

  1. If you unplug the battery unit and then reconnect it the instrument will assume you have fitted a new battery. NEVER UNPLUG THE BATTERY UNIT unless you intend to replace it with a new one. See the 'Maintenance' section of the operating manual.

  2. If the battery voltage falls to a low level and then recovers it may appear as though the battery was removed and replaced by a new battery. This can happen if the battery is failing to hold its charge after a year or two of use. It might also happen if the instrument has been switched off and left unused for a long period (six months or more).

  3. A new battery must be charged to a certain level before use and so the instrument must be connected to the charger for several hours. The instrument display gives information about this commissioning process.

In your case the instrument has wrongly sensed a battery change. You should follow the instructions on the display and charge the battery as if it were new. Any internal clock settings and any saved files will have been lost. If the same problem occurs again within a short time then the battery is beginning to fail and you should fit a new unit.

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