About Redpost

Redpost is the foremost manufacturer of PU Monitors and accessories in the world. Having been active in the field since its infancy our products have helped mould the 'best standard' quality practices that preserve reputations and secure long-term financial and energy efficiencies.

Redpost Electronic Products was founded by Geoff Webber and Edward Aldred in 1978. The pasteurisation monitor suggested itself because of Geoff and Edward's previous experience working with a large scientific instruments company making general purpose paper-chart temperature recorders. There had been attempts to adapt these to provide an instrument for brewers to monitor temperatures in their tunnel pasteurisers but with little success. It was thought that a solid state instrument could be designed that would record temperatures and also calculate the logarithmic integration of temperature against time that was required.

In 1988 Redpost purchased the former water pumping station in Bourn from the Cambridge Water Company. It took a year and several re-designs to gain planning permission to refurbish the existing buildings and extend them with a new two-storey block. Building work started in 1989 and the company eventually moved to Bourn during June 1990.

Over the years Redpost equipment has been shown many times at the Drinktec Interbrau exhibition. Most recently the fourth generation of PU monitors (the RPU-352 and RPU-353, were shown at the 2005 exhibition in Munich.

Since 1984 Redpost and Haffmans B.V (now part of the Pentair Group) have had a mutually beneficial distribution partnership. To this end Redpost only sells and supports products within the UK market, even though our equipment is used throughout the globe. Haffmans sells Redpost manufactured equipment under the "Haffmans Redpost" or "Redpost Haffmans" brand.

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