In order to help you get the most from your Redpost units we aim to provide you with first class support. On this website you should be able to find all you need; browse the pages linked below to find what you are looking for. If you require anything else please Contact us.

Redpost RPU-352 PU Monitor in it`s frame connected to RPC-80 charger in laboratory setting


It's in everyone's interest to make sure you purchase the correct equipment for your requirements. No amount of information on this website could cover every customer's individual needs so we prefer to do pre-sales support by phone or email.

However, the most common pre-sales query is regarding selecting probe lengths. To assist our customers with this Redpost has made available a Probelength Calculator.

Agar Plate with E. coli bacteria


Whether you have not been involved in PU monitoring before or need a refresher then please look at our Science pages. We also have explanations and definitions for the common elements of pasteurisation and PU monitoring in our Glossary.

Bottles travelling through pasteuriser with spray


Because of the reliability of Redpost products our equipment will often be used by hundreds of operators over its lifetime, few of whom would have been present for the original training.

The first place to look for operating instructions is the unit's manual. Although all Redpost units come with a printed bound manual, in the busy operating environment of a bottling or canning hall the manual can be easily misplaced. Fortunately we can now provide you with electronic copies of the manuals for all existing and discontinued Redpost equipment.

Looking for a new RPC-80 printer? We have a special printers page to help you.
If you still cannot find the help you need then please check out our FAQ which may have the answer to your question. If not then please contact us.

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If you have a question about our products then it's more than likely you're not the first person who's wanted to know. We have compiled a list of questions people ask us on a regular basis so you can get your answer as soon as possible.

Greasing a PU Monitor`s probe socket


As with any equipment subjected to industrial conditions and extreme environments such as the inside of a pasteuriser, Redpost equipment needs regular servicing and maintenance.
Box being packed for return


If you need to return your equipment for service or repair please check the following page for details on how to return your equipment to ensure it arrives in one piece and gets back to you as soon as possible.